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Armada FC - Hispanic Night Sept 24th

Armada had a desire to reach the Hispanic community in Jacksonville. They wanted to engage with them and bring them to the games.

They decided to partner with Origin to bring down the cultural and language barriers they had faced in the past and host a Hispanic Heritage Month celebration.

Origin put together a strategic marketing and communication plan for Armada FC, under the creative concept “Somos Armada.” A concept that brought to life the feeling of belonging and diversity of the Hispanic community in Jacksonville, thru graphics that featured flags from different countries and the passion of the sport with action images.

The strategy used transcreations (not just translations) to ensure content and tactics were relevant to the culture. 

The plan included mass media such as radio and print, PR and grassroots efforts.


“Origin is a professional multicultural marketing agency that helped us reach one of our largest target audiences effectively. With their knowledge and experience of the Hispanic market, they were able to develop a tailored marketing plan to suit our budget.”  


Jo Shepherd, Sr. VP of Marketing

Conectando Jax

The Jacksonville Chamber keeps finger on the pulse of the city by recognizing its diversity and the impact that Hispanic entrepreneurs are having in the city’s economic development.

Jacksonville is the sixth best city in the United States for Hispanic entrepreneurs out of the 150 largest cities according to Wallethub.com

This is why Jax Bridges, a program from Jacksonville Chamber, decided to partner with Origin Marketing Group to launch Conectando Jax.

Conectando Jax is a branch of Jax Bridges focused on empowering and providing value to Hispanic Small Businesses.

The 4 session course, provided Hispanic entrepreneurs with basic bilingual business tools allowing them to be more competitive and better prepared when branching out their brand to new business opportunities.

These business now make part of the vendor pool of the chamber, allowing them to be identified as minority businesses ready to do business when big corporations need them.

VIVA JAX – Latino Cultural Festival

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, Viva Jax Entertaining ,LLC and Univision 18 hosted a family friendly festival to celebrate the diversity and history of the Hispanic American culture.

Origin was chosen to design the logo that would capture all the ideas and purpose behind this wonderful event.

Bold fonts and a rainbow of colors used in this logo, represented the strength of the Hispanic culture and the diversity in the different nationalities that it covers. 

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